technology projects


eBook Capabilities Demo (QBS Learning)

Marketing; Social Studies. Grade 9-12.

Instructional Designer/Content Developer/SME. Education/design/technology consultant; Designed, and created fully working iBook; Developed overall approach and treatment in response to client’s product goals;  Researched and analyzed iBook capabilities and integration; Researched and wrote comprehensive history lesson with narrative story line, background information, primary source integration, media, art, and interactive STEM cross-curricular activities, and assessments; Created live demo with first iteration of graphic design, complete storyboard with wireframes, programmer notes, and resource lists for in-house development.

Florida Student Standards Tutorials (Houghton Mifflin w/QBS Learning)

English Language Arts. Grade 4.

SME/Writer. Developed/revised lesson outlines and storyboards/wireframes in response to learning objectives and program design criteria, and brainstorming sessions with client.

Vendor Task: History/Civics Lesson (TSI Graphics)

Social Studies. Grades 9-12.

Instructional Designer/Content Developer/SME. Developed pedagogical approach and lesson subject/framework in response to key concept targets, user context, and learning design criteria; Researched, wrote, and designed comprehensive, self-paced, real-world lesson with character host and story line, interactive concept building activities, cognitive checks, and final assessment; Created storyboard template and separate wireframes; Wrote storyboard and VO script.

Texas Math (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt w/Double O Publishing)

Math. Grade K.

Learning Designer/Writer. Developed lesson outlines and storyboards/wireframes in response to learning objectives and program design criteria.

Journeys Common Core: Reading (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt w/Tighe Publishing)

Reading & Language Arts. Grades K-3.

SME/Writer/Editor. Established strand/lesson guidelines to align with CCSS and program targets. Wrote/edited storyboards.

iReady Tutorials: Program Prototypes (Curriculum Associates w/Vital Source Technologies)

Language Arts. Grades 6-7.

Editorial Director/Reading Strand Lead for Vital Source. Education/design consultant and editorial liaison; Member of product design and first-phase pitch teams; created program’s pedagogical approach in response to CCSS targets and client guidelines; instrumental in making instructional and non-graphic program design decisions; developed and wrote comprehensive and well-received self-paced, character-led lessons, interactive content scripts. and writing models, which were used as the basis of later content treatment.

McGraw Hill Online (MGraw Hill w/VPG Integrated Media)

Social Studies. Grades K-5.

Lead Content Developer. Education consultant and editorial liaison; Member of product design team; Developed first iteration of project approach, framework, and guidelines, and content storyboards/wireframes for this product, using VPGs proprietary online authoring tool. Supervised content development, hired and managed staff, edited finals. Assured CCSS compliance and ongoing content revisions to meet changing client specs.

Thinking Reader (Scholastic/Tom Snyder Productions)

Reading & Language Arts. Grades 5-8.

SME/Writer: Bud, Not Buddy.

Software: Identified instructional passages; Wrote embedded reading comprehension strategies and support, contextual vocabulary support, and quizzes for this title.

Print: Wrote 32 page discussion guide featuring story summaries and reviews, author bio, cross-curricular and extension activities, summarizing activities, and quizzes for this title.

•Product Awards: 2005 Codie Award, 2005 Ed Press Distinguished Achievement Award, 2004 eSchool News Best Software for Building Vocabulary (older readers)

The Know Zone: Reading (Addison Wesley Longman w/Pearson Education)

Reading & Language Arts. Grades K-6.

Product Developer. Product development team member. Developed Reading & Language Arts game-lesson prototypes for this title, for each strand (comp/GUM/phonics/vocab) and grade; Participated in UID, Developed training activities for writing staff.

Writer/SME. Grade 2. Wrote game-based lessons, stories for comprehension, comprehension lessons, GUM, phonics, and vocabulary extensions.


The Know Zone: Pass the Test: Math (Addison Wesley Longman w/Pearson Education)

Math. Grades K-6.

Writer/Editor. Grades 3 and 4. Review lessons and test prep to support SFAW’s math programs.

Teaching Resources Website (CCC & Silver Burdett Ginn w/McClanahan Inc.)

Language Arts. Grades K-8

Researcher/Writer. Researched curriculum connections for Silver Burdett Ginn Reading basal series; wrote OST for Computer Curriculum Corporation teacher site.

ILS Kindergarten Program (Computer Curriculum Corporation w/McClanahn Inc.)

Reading & Language Arts and Math. Grade K.

Reading Product Developer. Reading Product development team member. Designed learning games and developed game prototypes for phonics, alphabet learning, and HFW strands for this theme-based product, part of CCC’s Integrated Learning System.

Reading Content Supervisor/Manager/Writer/SME. Established and maintained content development schedule; Supervised script development; managed writing staff; Wrote game and lesson scripts.

Math Editor. Edited (math strand) game and lesson scripts for language level and content clarity.

Writing Coach (McDougal Littell w/Rainbow Educational Concepts)

Language Arts. Grades 6-9.

Instructional Designer/Writer/Editor. Interactive text-based lessons, hints, reviews, practice.

¡Bravo! Interactive (McDougal Littell)

Spanish Language Learning. Grades 9-12.

QC/Editor. Beta review; Edited and revised content (text, VO, and onscreen) in English and Spanish w/co-producer. VPG.

Customer Service Training beta (MicroMentor Inc.)

Front-Line Employee Training. Adult.

Adult Learning and Script Consultant. Provided educational consulting and script writing for beta version of proprietary interactive (role-playing) staff training software.

Interactive Educational Media, Various (The D.I. Group)

Reading & Language Arts. Language Learning. Grades K-12.

Product Developer/Reading & Language Learning Consultant/Editorial Liaison. Served as in-house education consultant and liaison with editorial clients and potential clients; Member of interactive product development and pitch teams; Managed pedagogical approach and instructional and program design responses to client RFPs; Made job pitch and client update presentations (2 out of 3 pitches were successful); Wrote content prototypes; Presented in-house product reviews.

¡Dime! Interactive (DC Heath)

Spanish Language Learning. Grades 9-12.

Content Manager/Editor. Supervised daily content management and QC; Generated audio scripts and onscreen text files and lesson directives for production partner (DI Group); Approved content for instruction.

•Product Awards: 1995 New Media Invision Gold Award, 1995 New Media Invision Award of Excllence, 1995 Media and Methods Awards Portfolio

Discovering French Interactive (DC Heath)

French Language Learning. Grades 9-12.

Content Editor. Editorial team member of the second installment of this award-winning series.

¡Español en Vivo! Marketing Rep Video (Silver Burdett Ginn)

Marketing Communications.

Project Manager/Writer. Managed project planning and budget; Located/hired producer; Wrote script; Approved final edit.

¡Español en Vivo! (Silver Burdett Ginn)

Bilingual Reading and Language Arts. Grades K-6.

Product Developer/Project Manager. Co-developed and co-managed multimedia product that included 93 literature-based audio cassettes in Spanish and English and 32 original video segments; Developed product plan and educational philosophy; Profiled target audience; Established production guidelines and specifications; Developed project RFPs; Assisted staff editors with Spanish-English translations and scripts; Approved audio scripts, narration and SFX tracks and final audio mix; Developed video budget and timeline; Hired outside producers; Coordinated client-vendor communications; Approved video treatments and final edits.

Video Script Supervisor/Writer/Editor. Supervised all phases of video script development for 32 bilingual segments, including: development of initial concepts and treatments; writing and editing scripts; supervising outside script development; approving all scripts and script changes; maintaining project timeline.

K-8 Educational Media & Technology Product Presentations (Simon & Schuster)

Educational Marketing.

Educational Media Consultant/Presenter. On location at the Escuela Americana, San Salvador, El Salvador. Short term assignment to present various S&S educational media to school’s Board of Directors and to provide 3 days of hands-on workshops for the teachers and students at this K-12 D.O.D. site.

Bravo! Books (Silver Burdett Ginn and Computer Curriculum Corporation)

Reading and Language Arts. Grades K-6.

Project Manager/Writer. Managed all in-house phases of interactive CD-ROM development, including schedules, project coordination and monitoring, field testing, approvals, and product demonstrations; Served as interdepartmental liaison with co-developer and third party producer; Wrote and edited on-screen text and tutorials, user documentation, packaging copy; Actively participated in content, instructional design and UID decisions.

Media Showcase Marketing Video (Silver Burdett Ginn)

Educational Marketing.

Project Manager/Writer. Managed all client-side aspects of project, including RFP, schedule, budget, project coordination, talent and location selection, on-screen product presentation, on-site technical support, script and editorial approvals; Worked as part of a team to develop video focus, approach, and format, hire outside producer, develop and write script, and make off-line and on-line edits; Wrote packaging copy.

World of Reading Packaging (Silver Burdett Ginn)

Educational Marketing.

Project Manager/Writer. Managed all client-side aspects of project, including schedule, budget, project coordination, interdepartmental and vendor communications, and approvals.