“We invent the world through language. The world occurs through language.”

Mal Pancoast

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Written or spoken language is the bridge we use, most often, to connect to a concept or help a learner get from here to there. Even when a concept is best demonstrated visually or experientially, language helps mold the context. Sometimes, what we deliver as developers will be a student’s only line to the content or to the task at hand.

What role will language play in your project? Will it address the reading or listening level of your audience? Will it be sensitive to the needs of non-native speakers and differentiated instruc-tion? Will it facilitate learning, or assessment, or hinder it?

As an experienced educational developer and writer, with wide ranging interests, a background in Reading and Language, and a soft spot for technology, I can help address these issues for most content areas, learning environments, and audience levels. I “do” more than language but I’m always sensitive to the importance of language.

Please browse through my project lists and consider what I could bring to your next development team. You’ll find many projects focused on literacy, language learning and language arts, but also math, social studies, and science. If you would prefer to browse by job function, click here. 

Language applies to almost everything. Even Math and Science. : )
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